Introducing the Endotronix Care Management Solution

Endotronix is developing the Endotronix Care Management Solution to communicate pressures that accurately measure cardiac function and provide powerful, engaging software and services to personalize the patient care experience. The Endotronix solution will have a unique capability to accurately capture pulmonary artery pressure data using a convenient, mobile device. The data will be securely transmitted from the remote location to the patient’s Clinical Care Team for review and analysis. Proactive treatment enabled by this solution promises to improve quality of care and patient convenience while lowering the overall cost of CHF care.

From the heart. For your health.™


The tiny pressure sensor, under development, is implanted in the patient’s pulmonary artery during a short, routinely performed, low-cost catheterization procedure. Once the sensor is in place, the portable reader (about the size of a cell phone or small tablet device) can be easily carried by the patient or simply kept in a convenient location at the patient’s home. To obtain an instantaneous measurement of PA pressure, the reader is turned on and held against the patient’s chest for 20-30 seconds.


The reader will be designed to transmit power wirelessly to the sensor, allowing the sensor to accurately measure and transmit the PA pressure to the reader. The reader sends the pressure data securely to the patient’s healthcare provider via a wireless, secure link to the Endotronix clinical care management software.

Store and Share

The patient’s data is immediately analyzed by the system, and monitored by the Clinical Care Team (either the payer/provider team or a team sourced through Endotronix). If the pressure levels warrant urgent attention or further analysis, an alert is raised so that the patient’s care can be proactively managed.

Manage and Use

The Clinical Care Team then acts to deliver timely and personalized clinical interventions. Actionable data enables timely clinical interventions, such as adjustments to medication, often without an office visit. Personalized care powered by daily measurements of heart pressure will improve health and quality of life. Optimized drug regimens prescribed by clinicians allow for early treatment of worsening conditions and reduced hospitalizations.

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